Aerial Patrols

Aerial Patrols for all Situations


TMI has been providing aerial patrols for over 4 years through the United States. TMI has a fleet of fixed-wing aircraft and UAV’s that can accommodate any situation or project. By utilizing the most state-of-the-art sensors and cameras we can provide an entire platform of data across multiple industries. So whether you have 100 acres or thousands of miles of ROW inspection, we have the right solution.

Our Aerial Patrols Offer:


Fixed Wing Aircraft

Aerial Patrol Right of Way ROW Leak Detection Gas Oil Pipeline

Whether you need 100 miles or 10,000 miles, we have the fleet to accommodate any need.  All aircraft are fit with the most state of the art sensors and camera systems.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drones)

UAV UAS Drones Drone Aerial Survey Leak Detection Gas Oil

We have a fleet of over 14 drones ranging from 4 rotors to 8 rotors.  We can fly small detailed missions or long range ROW patrols.

Crude Oil Leak Detection

Leak Detection Oil Gas Inspection

We routinely fly Crude Oil Leak Detection Patrols.  With our 4K High Resolution Ultimate Zoom Camera System and Thermal Camera, we can spot even the smallest Crude Oil Leak.

Natural Gas Leak Detection

Leak Detection Oil Gas OGI Right of Way ROW Inspection

Natural Gas Lines or Collection Stations, we have the right Optical Gas Imaging System for leak detection up to 23 different types of gasses.

Flare Stack Inspections

Flare Stack Inspection

We can inspect all types of facilities including Flare Stacks.  Flare Stacks must be inspected for structural stability and seepage.

LiDAR and Spectral Imaging

Aerial Inspection Agriculture LiDAR Spectral 4K High Resolution

We have the ability to fly LiDAR and Spectral Imaging across multiple applications.

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