Cloud Based Solutions - GIS and Mobile Applications

Custom IT Solutions Integrated Into Real-Life

TMI Solutions LLC offers fully customizable Cloud Based Solutions to fit any project.  We specialize in digitizing an entire construction project from inception to completion to Operations and Maintenance.  Our Cloud and Mobile App Development Platforms allow decision makers real-time information to make immediate decisions increasing efficiencies and profits.  This ensures projects are completed on time and in budget.

Mobile Application Platform

With our custom TMI Mobile Application, we can customize all field data collection methods and put the tools in the hands of those who need them.  All data is protected and backed up for security and compliance purposes.  With eForms, Integrated Inspection Reports, Imagery Collection, Barcode Tracking Capabilities and Automated Workflows we can make sure all communication is tracked and recorded.

Our Mobile Platform is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, as well as all standard web browsers.  The system is set up to work off line when your field reps are in real-life conditions and will automatically sync whenever a cellular or wifi service is available.

All Applications connect with GPS devices and RTK units such as EOS Arrow Gold and Bluestar GPS.

GIS Mapping & Visualization Tool

All of our route design, As-Built Management and Operations and Maintenance are tracked and recorded in our state of the art interactive GIS Visualization Tool.  The mapping system is compatible on any device with no need to purchase licenses or software.  Its user-interface is a simple "choose and click" process to access all project information.

All mapping layers and field data are represented in the GIS Tool via symbology and map points.  All data is export capable in a number of formats including PDF, Excel and CSV.  This tool provides the end client with a Single Click, Single Location for all project documentation.

Custom Dashboard and Reporting

We can create fully customizable Dashboards and Reporting for any need.  From budget actual vs. estimated, to asset tracking and progress tracking we can do it all.  All Dashboards and Reports are fully exportable and can be adjusted on the fly.  Dashboards are accessed through the Client Portal or through Automated Emails.

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