Route Planning, Design and Survey

We Specialize in Front End Risk Mitigation. . . . .

TMI takes the guess work out of the Route Planning and Design for all Right of Way construction projects. Whether you are constructing an Oil and Gas Pipeline, Energy Corridor, Wind Farm or other Utilities, our ability to provide Front End Risk Mitigation for your construction project can assure you will deliver on time, and within budget.

We use state of the art mapping systems, satellite imagery and real-time imagery to identify high risk areas, parcel data and attributes. Our Route Planning process reduces the need for costly survey crews and greatly reduces the timeframe for construction estimation.

Our Route Planning Design and Survey Process Includes:


  • Real-Time aerial imagery by UAV or Fixed-Wing Aircraft
  • Use of State-of-the-Art Camera and Sensor Systems
  • A Team of Highly Experienced GIS Specialists and Engineers Build Constructible Routes
  • Identification of all Attributes and High Impact Areas Prior to Construction
  • Reduce Cost and Time Needed for Ground Survey Crews
  • Identify and Manage Right-of-Way Planning and Acquisition

Survey Route Planning Route Design Pipeline Route Right of Way ROW

Survey Route Planning Route Design Pipeline Route Right of Way ROW

Real-Time Aerial Imagery

Aerial Inspection Right of Way ROW Pipeline Imagery

By utilizing our fleet of fixed wing aircraft and UAVs, combined with state of the art sensors and camera systems, we can identify REAL route conditions minimizing work arounds.

State of the Art Sensors & Cameras

LiDAR Spectral Imagery 4K High Resolution OGI Gas Detection Leak Detection Thermal

We have sensors and camera systems fit for all terrains and all conditions.  Utilizing LiDAR, Spectral Imaging and 4K High Resolution camera systems, we anticipate issues along the route.

Experienced GIS Specialists and Tools

GIS Esri Geo Spatial Mapping Route Planning Route Design Pipeline Right of Way ROW

We employ a team of highly experienced GIS Specialists and Survey Engineers to make sure we are designing the most constructible route possible.

Attributes & High Impact Areas

Right of Way ROW Pipeline Construction Attributes High Impact Areas Route Design Planning

We identify all attributes and high impact areas prior to construction to reduce re-work and lost time on the job site.

Reduce Survey Costs

Aerial UAV UAS Drones Survey Imagery

By utilizing our aerial surveillance fleet, we can greatly reduce ground crew survey costs.

Manage Right of Way Acquisition

Right of Way ROW Design Acquisition Management Pipeline Construction

We can manage the planning of and acquisition of all land parcels and Right of Way.

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